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                                      Curriculum vitae Florian Matei-Popescu

a) Education, degrees and diplomas.
►1984-1997: Primary school, secondary school and high school in Bucharest.
►1997-2001: Faculty of History, University of Bucharest; graduated with the degree paper: “Rome and the Western Pontic Greek Cities from Augustus to Vespasianus” (supervisor Prof. Dr. Alexandru Avram).

►2001-2003: MA in Ancient History and Archaeology, Faculty of History, University of Bucharest: “The Auxiliary Units of Moesia Inferior Province” (supervisor Prof. Dr. Constantin C. Petolescu).

►2009: Ph D in Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Bucharest: “The Roman Army from Moesia Inferior” (supervisor Prof. Dr. Constantin C. Petolescu) – summa cum laude.

► 2007-2010: Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest; graduated with the degree paper: “The Language of the Latin Inscriptions from the Moesia Inferior province” (supervisor: Conf. dr. Ana-Cristina Halichias).

b) Professional experience, former employers.
→ 2002-2006, assistant researcher at the “Vasile Pârvan” Insitute of Archaelogy, Bucharest.
→ 2006 – junior researcher (CS III) at the “Vasile Pârvan” Insitute of Archaelogy, Bucharest.
→ 2010 – Head of the Graeco-Roman Archaeology and Epigraphy Department of the “Vasile Pârvan” Insitute of Archaelogy, Bucharest.
My research interests includes: Roman History, Roman Army Studies, Epigraphy and Archaeology of the Danubian provinces of the Roman Empire.

c) Language skills.
Mother tongue Romanian; fluent: English; high level French, Italian and German; reading level: Old Greek, Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese.

d) List of publications.
 I. Books
2010: The Roman Army in Moesia Inferior, Bucharest, 2010, Centre for Roman Military Studies 7, 325 p. (ISBN 978-973-750-177-6).

II. Articles (selected [from a total of 35])
2006: Le recrutement des Daces dans l’armée romaine sous l’empereur Trajan : une esquisse préliminaire, Dacia, N. S. 50, 2006, p. 195-206 (together with Dan Dana).
2006: Participation of the auxiliary troops from Moesia Superior in Trajan’s Dacian wars, Dacia, N. S. 50, 2006, p. 127-40 (together with Ovidiu Ţentea).

2006-2007: The Auxiliary Units from Moesia Superior in Domitian’s Time and the Problem of CIL XVI 41, Ephemeris Napocensis 16-17, 2006-2007, p. 31-48.
2007: On the problem of the presence of cohort IX Batavorum milliaria equitata in Moesia Inferior, Acta Musei Napocensis 41-42/I, 2004-2005 (2007), p. 55-60.
2007: Two Fragments of Roman Military Diplomas Discovered on the Territory of the Republic of Moldova, Dacia, N. S. 51, 2007, p. 153-159.
2008: The Presence of the Roman Army from Moesia Inferior at the North of Danube and the Making of the Dacia Inferior Province, in I. Piso (ed.), Die Römischen Provinzen. Begriff und Gründung (Colloquium Cluj-Napoca, 28. September-1. Oktober 2006), Cluj-Napoca, 2008, p. 357-367 (together with Constantin C. Petolescu).
2009: Soldats d’origine dace dans les diplômes militaires, Chiron 39, 2009, p. 209-256 (together with Dan Dana).
2009: The Dacians from Moesia Inferior, in O. Bounegru, L. Mihailescu-Bîrliba (eds.), Migration und Akkulturation im Osten des Mittelmeerraumes in hellenistischer und römischer Zeit. Akten der Tagung in Iasi (3.-7. Oktober 2007), Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden 2009, p. 193-211 (in print).

III. Editor
2006: Romanitas Daco-Moesica, Dacia, N. S. 50, 2006, p. 77-429.
2009 - 2010: The publications series of the Centre for Roman Military Studies (CRMS) together with Ovidiu Ţentea:
         - Mihail Zahariade, The Thracians in the Roman Imperial Army from the first to the third century A.D. I. Auxilia (CRMS 2), Cluj-Napoca, 2009;
         - Vitalie Bârcă, Oleksandr Symonenko, Călăreţii stepelor. Sarmaţii în spaţiul nord-pontic (CRMS 3), Cluj-Napoca, 2009;
         - Dorel Bondoc, The Roman Rule to the North of the Lower Danube during the Late Roman and Early Byzantine period (CRMS 4), Cluj-Napoca, 2009;
         - Near and Beyond the Roman Frontier. Proceedings of the Colloquium held in Târgovişte, 16-17 October 2008 (CRMS 5), Bucharest, 2009;
         - Fl. Matei-Popescu, The Roman Army in Moesia Inferior (CRMS 7), Bucharest, 2010;
         - Constantin Băjenaru, The Minor Fortifications in the Balkan Danube Area from Diocletian to Iustinian (CRMS 8), Bucharest, 2010

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