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                                           Curriculum vitae Andrei Opaiţ

                                          (Member until December 2012)

a) Education, degrees and diplomas.
►1967, graduate of the high school “Liceul Naţional”, Iaşi.
►1967-1972, undergraduate, the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iaşi (Romania).
►1972, degree (Bachelor) in history and philosophy with the dissertation Cetatea Tropaeum Traiani. A Monograph. Supervisor: Professor Nicolae Gostar.
►1995, PhD in history at the University “Al. I. Cuza” Iaşi, with the thesis Aspecte ale vieţii economice din provincia Scythia (secolele IV-VI p.Ch.). Producţia ceramicii locale şi de import. Supervisor: Professor Dan Teodor.


b) Professional experience, former employers.
→ 1972-1991, researcher at the Museum of Danube Delta-Tulcea.
→ 1991-2008, freelance, working as ceramic illustrator and consultant in Carthage with the University Wilfrid Laurier, in Leptiminus /Lamta with the University of Manitoba, in Chersonesus with the Institute of Classical Archaeology-The University of Texas at Austin, and in Athens with the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.
→ 2008-2011, researcher (half-post) at the Institute of Archaeology (Iaşi) of the Romanian Academy.

My research interests includes: Greek and Roman Economic History, relations between Greeks, Romans and Barbarians, acculturation).


c) Language skills.
Mother tongue Romanian; fluent English, French, and Italian; reading level German, Spanish.


d) List of publications.
 I. Books
1996: Aspecte ale vieţii economice din provincia Scythia (secolele IV-VI p.Ch.). Producţia ceramicii locale şi de import, Bibliotheca Thracologica XVI, Bucharest
2004: Local and Imported Ceramics in the Roman Province of Scythia (4th - 6th centuries AD), BAR International Series 1274.

II. Chapters in books
2003: Amphorae and pottery workshops in Crimean Chersonesos. City, Chora, Museum and Environs, Institute of Classical Archaeology, the University of Texas at Austin, 90-93.

III. Articles (selected [from a total of 50])
1981: A new military unit attested in Aegyssus, SCIVA, 32, 1981, 297 – 298;
1984: Beobachtungen zur Entwicklung der zwei Amphoratypen, Peuce 9, 1984, 311 – 327;
1985: Einige Betrachtungen zur spätrömische Keramik mit rotem Überzug, Dacia N.S. 29, 1985, 153 – 163;
1986: Mihail Zahariade, Andrei Opaiţ, A new late Roman fortification on the territory of Romania: the burgus at Topraichioi, Tulcea, county, in Studien zu den Militärgrenzen Roms III, Stuttgart 1986, 565 – 572;
1987: Roman amphorae of large capacity, SCIVA, 38 (1 –2), 1987, 245 – 258;
1987: Un dépôt d’amphores découvert à Aegyssus, Dacia N.S. 31, 1987, 145 – 155;
1987: Alexandru Avram, Andrei Opaiţ, Le vin, l’huile, et les amphores dans l’antiquité classique, Dacia N.S. 31, 1987, 135 – 155;
1990: The early Christian monastic complex at Slava Rusă, Revista Monumentelor Istorice, LIX, 1990, 18 – 28;
1991: The ceramics from the settlement and fortification of Independenţa (Murighiol), Peuce 10, 1991, 133 – 181;
1991: North-Danubian Ethnic Elements in Scythia Minor, Peuce 10, 1991, 127 – 131;
1991: Andrei Opaiţ, Mihail Zahariade, Gheorghe Poenaru-Bordea, Cristina Opaiţ, The late Roman fortification and settlement at Babadag – Topraichioi, Peuce 10, 1991, 183 – 350;  
1991: Andrei Opaiţ, A rescue excavation in the ancient town of Ibida, SCIVA, 42 (1 –2), 1991, 21 – 56;
1992: Andrei Opaiţ, Cristina Opaiţ, Teodor Bănică, Das ländliche Territorium der Stadt Ibida (2-7 Jh. ) und einige betrachtungen zum leben auf dem land an der unteren Donau, in A. Pültz, H. Vetters (eds.), Die Schwartzmerküste in der Spätantike und frühen Mittelalter. Referate des dritten bulgarisch-österreichischen Symposions, Wien 1992, 103-122
1992: Andrei Opaiţ, Cristina Opaiţ, Teodor Bănică, Der frühchristliche Komplex von Slava Rusă, in A. Pültz, H. Vetters (eds.), Die Schwartzmerküste in der Spätantike und frühen Mittelalter. Referate des dritten bulgarisch-österreichischen Symposions, Wien 1992, 113-122;
1997-1998: North African and Spanish amphorae in Scythia Minor, in Il Mar Nero 3, 1997 – 1998, 47 – 95;
1998: New pottery from the Circular Harbour of Carthage, CEDAC. Carthage, Bulletin 18, 1998, 21 – 35;
1998: The North African Dressel 1, in El vi a l’antiguitat. Economia, producció i commerç al mediterrani occidental. Actes. II Colloqui Internacional d’Arqueologia Romana. Badalona  (6-9 May 1998). Badalona, Museu de Badalona, Monografies Badalonines, num.14, 427 – 429;
2000: Early Roman amphorae from Leptiminus, RCRF Acta 36, 2000, 439-442;
2000: The amphorae from Site 290: preliminary typology, in Lea Stirling  et alii., Roman kilns and rural settlement: interim report of the 1999 season of the Leptiminus Archaeological project, Echos du Monde Antique N.S. 19, 2000, 199 – 202;
2003: ’Table amphora’ versus ‘table’ pitcher in the Roman Dobrudja, RCRF Acta 38, 2003, 215-218;
2004: The Eastern Mediterranean Amphorae in the Province of Scythia, in Transport Amphorae and Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean. Acts of the International Colloquium at the Danish Institute at Athens, September 26-29, 2002 (2004) The Danish Institute at Athens 2004;
2007: From DR 24 to LR 2?, in Bonifay, M. and Tréglia J.-C. (eds.), LRCW 2. Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean: Archaeology and Archaeometry. BAR International Series 1662 (II), 2007, 627 – 642;
2007: A Weighty Matter: Pontic Fish Amphoras, in Gabrielsen, V. and Lund, J. (eds.), The Black Sea in Antiquity: Regional and Interregional Economic Exchanges, Black Sea Studies 6, 2007, 101 – 122;
2010: Aspects of the provisioning of the Pontic settlements with olive oil in the Hellenistic and early Roman periods, in D. Kassab Tezgör & N. Inaishvili (eds.), PATABS I. Production and trade of amphorae in the Black Sea. Actes de la Table-Ronde internationale de Batoumi et Trabzon, 27-29 Avril 2006, Varia Anatolica XXI, 2010, 153 – 158, pls. 7, 87 – 92;
2010: Pontic wine in the Athenian market, in D. Papanikola-Bakirtzi and K. Kousoulakou (eds.), Proceedings of the Symposium: Late Antique Ceramics from Greece (3rd-7th c.c.), Thessaloniki, November 12th-16th 2006, vols.1 – 2. Thessaloniki 2010, 108 – 130;
2010: Andrei Opaiţ, Aris Tsaravopoulos, A Chiote pottery workshop of Roman period, RCRF Acta 41, 2010, 23 – 28;
2010: On the origin of Carthage LR Amphora 1, in Santoro S., Pasquinucci, M., Menchelli, S., LRCW 3. III-rd International Conference on Late Roman Coarse Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean: Archaeology and Archaeometry. Comparison between Western and Eastern Mediterranean, Parma – Pisa, 26 – 30 march 2008, BAR I.S. 2185 (II), Oxford, 1015-1022;
2011: Sinopean, Heraklean and Chersonesan „carrot” amphorae, in Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia 16 (2010), Brill, 2011, 371-401, 552-556.
2011: D. Stone, D. Mattingly, Andrei Opaiţ. 2011. "Stamped amphoras." In Leptiminus (Lamta). Report no. 3: the field survey (Journal of Roman Archaeology supplement 87), edited by D. L. Stone, D. J. Mattingly and N. B. Lazreg, pp. 352-386. Portsmouth RI.
2011: Doua amfore de la Budureasca şi Cireşanu, in Arheologia mileniului I p. Chr. vol. II, Interferențe culturale la Dunărea de Jos, Ploiesti, 103-118.
2011: Andrei Opaiţ, Amfore de tip Peacock-Williams class 50 (subtipul timpuriu) la Dunarea de Jos, in Tibiscum 1 2011 (serie nouă), Caransebeş, 131-138.

IV. Books Reviews
2001: Piotr Dyczek, Roman Amphorae of the 1st-3rd Centuries AD Found on the Lower Danube. Typology.  Archaeologia Warszaw 54, 2001, 387.

V. Fellowships
2005    Kress Publications Fellowship (6000 US $);
2006    Kress Publications Fellowship (10.000 US $);
2007    Kress Publications Fellowship (6000 US $)

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